Exemplary Execrables


Once a temple of Aroden, but given the god’s death and the faith’s collapse, it was sold off by the city. It has been refurbished with gaudy gold paint and massive glass “gems” and now serves as a perverse theater to all things foul, gore-slicked, and unnaturally pornographic. It’s owned by Pilts Swastel and employs the city’s “best and brightest” performers of unmentionable acts.

Numerous acts rotate through the theater, including gore-filled plays with faux tortures, murders, bizarre sex acts, and other fabrications meant to horrify and sicken. Most popular is the “death play,” in which a masked performer gruesomely “murders” a volunteer from the audience.

The theater has a high turnover rate for Pilts’ young and pretty assistants, and there’s question of whether everything on stage is truly staged. The Sable Company has attempted to infiltrate and investigate the theater on numerous occasions to no avail, and the Hellknights are occasionally called in to prematurely end certain shows.

The attached museum (with separate entrance fee) offers exhibits such as “Two-Dozen-and-Three Severed Heads,” “Unwanted Fetus #3,” and “Instruments of Torture and Murder.” The last includes a working guillotine from Galt, complete with attached chalkboard tallying the numbers of fingers lost by over-curious patrons. The current count is at 37.

Exemplary Execrables

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