Old Korvosa


Old Korvosa lies on Endrin’s Isle, just north of the core city. It rises from sea level along the southern shore to a 200-foot high escarpment on the seaward north side. It is connected to the rest of Korvosa via twenty-five wooden bridges and one massive stone bridge that connects the main thoroughfare of North Point to its partner in Old Korvosa.

Old Korvosa consists of four distinct wards.

The first is Fort Korvosa, former site of the Chelaxian military installation that planted the seed of the city. The old walls of the fort still stand, though they are never repaired; they have become moldering ruins. Within the walls, at the peak of Garrison Hill, stand the holdings of House Arkona, including Palace Arkona and all of its side structures. On the opposite side of the ward is Endrin Military Academy, where the Sable Company Marines receive their initial training, Korvosan Guards learn to act as liaisons to the Company, and from which patrols keep watch over Conqueror’s Bay. The ward is also home to Old City Hall and Orisini Academy.

The second is Garrison Hill, just to the east of the crumbling walls. It’s an unremarkable middle-class district other than the Reefclaw Run Market, Korvosa’s three-centuries-old fresh seafood bazaar. In addition to the catch of the day, captains sell off anything their boats drudge off the bottom of the sea: artifacts, giant squid, deep-sea growths, and other strange or dangerous jetsam.

The third is the Old Dock. if not for the festering poverty of Bridgefront, Old Dock would be the city’s least-desirable ward. It’s dubious reputation is borne out with rampant illegality and a total disregard of morality and compassion. It has the “honor” of containing over half of Korvosa’s yearly violent crimes. Old Dock is home to the Sticky Mermaid, a tavern of ill repute and constant bar-fights. It’s signature drink is fishjack, which is garnished with fermented eggs of Jeggare River salmon. Copper-Beater Hall is essentially a transmutation engine, where copper bars are reforged to something useful by dozens of smiths. There is also the only Temple to Aroden in the city, and it’s crumbling facade has caused the city to threaten to tear it down on multiple occasions. Old Dock is also home to Jeggare’s Jug, Exemplary Execrables, and Eel’s End.

The last ward of Old Korvosa is Bridgefront, which is pictured below. It’s a shantytown built on top of slums. In its three blocks lives one-tenth of the city’s population. Bridgefront is the home of the Ironworks, which takes in pig iron from Janderhoof and recycled slag and, in turn, spits out wrought iron works of… varying quality. More factory than smithy, the Ironworks prides itself on an output that is at the least functional, allowing blacksmiths in Korvosa to make a fine profit by producing high-quality goods and customized jobs outside the capabilities of the massive Ironworks. Old Dock is also home to The Travelling Man and the Hessim, Newby, and Sage Paint Manufactory.


Old Korvosa

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