Curse of the Crimson Throne

Korvosa is in chaos...

The Story So Far (Sessions 1 and 2)

Dark and rainy was the night when they first met. Guided by found Harrow cards (in a boot, or on a bench, but the method of its appearance unseen), they arrived at the apartment belonging to Zellara, a Varisian fortuneteller and mystic.

They were four in number. First came the bearer of The Rabbit Prince, a too-young gnome inured to bloody works and in possession of two cruel sickles. Then, the bearer of the Courtesan, a Varisian whose mind tilted inexorably toward the blade and the blood. Next, the bearer of the Joke, a half-elf laden with concoctions, tonics, explosives and elixers. Finally, the bearer of the Keep, a Sarenrae-faithful Chelaxian-turned-Varisian in shined armor.

One purpose bound these four: revenge on Gaedran Lamm, a stubborn piece of shit that preyed upon the orphaned and young of Korvosa. Zellara know how to find this man – he had murdered her son, and these four were the sword she aimed at Gaedran’s heart.

They arrived at the old fishery where Gaedran soaked up his urchin’s pick-pocketed spoils. His lieutenants – Giggles, Hookshanks Gruller, and Yargin – were ambushed and overwhelmed in short order, then drowned or given over to the orphan’s sharp ministrations. They descended into the underbelly of the fishery and found Gaedran and his surly alligator, Gobblegut.


Gobblegut’s lunges from the pool accomplished little, and with a cathartic cry Jennara beheaded the criminal. His body was fed to the alligator, and his treasures divvied up among the party – with two exceptions.

First was an enchanted Harrow deck that looked to be a twin to Zellara’s. However, the decks was found atop a decaying hatbox, inside of which the four found Zellara’s severed head, provoking sudden confusion and fear.

Second was an ornate amulet depicting an imp and pseudodragon intertwined. It was an extravagant piece of jewelry, and an appraiser soon confirmed that it belonged to Queen Ileosa Arabasti, and, moreover, there was a considerable reward for its return.

The four returned to Zellara’s house, where Zellara manifested and confirmed that she was, in fact, deceased, yet still bonded to her old Harrow deck. She offered to perform a reading for her champions, and afterward continued to travel in Indigo’s pockets.

Upon leaving Zellara’s house, the four were confronted with riots in the streets. Shouting indicated that King Eodred Arabasti II had died, and the Queen was being blamed by his death, at least by some of the mob. In their travels, they rescued Amin Jalento from a grisly fate, and wandered into an ongoing conflict between a flight of pseudodragons and a murder of imps.

Upon arriving at the castle, the four met Sabina Merrin, who attempted to gauge their loyalty to the new monarch of Korvosa. They were brought before the Queen, who, in mourning dress, offered the four a sizable treasure for her amulet’s return… and also a job with the Guard Auxiliary.

The four met with Field Marshal Cressida Kroft of the Korvosan Guard, who gave them formal employment and an immediate task – to arrest Verik Vancaskerkin and his four deserted guards. They found him running a charitable food-bank out of All The World’s Meat in North Point. They infiltrated the butcher’s shop at night and convinced one of the guards, Karralo, to tell them of their operations. Underneath Verik’s nose, the other four had started taking on bloody mercenary work. Worse, one of their number, Parns, had suggested butchering the bodies of those they slew to supplement the often-sparse livestock shipments they received. Karralo wanted an out, which the four gladly offered; they charged in, cleansing the butcher shop of both the guards-turned-mercenaries and a small reefclaw infestation. They fought Verik to a standstill and convinced him to look upon the evidence of his men’s butchery. upon seeing what his efforts had wrought, the former guard sergeant surrendered.

With Verik returned, the four take a rest, and wait for their next job with the guard to arise.



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