The Crimson Throne is the seat of power for the monarch of Korvosa, but it is a seat that remains uncoveted by most – the Throne comes with a curse, you see. Not a single monarch of Korvosa has yet died of natural causes. Some say it’s an old curse left by the ancient Runelord Sorshen, who ruled this area centuries ago. Others say that it’s the doing of Shoanti tribes, their way of striking back at the invaders who built their castle upon the ruins they had stewarded since Sorshen’s death. Most simply agree that it’s the nature of Korvosan politics – which, they half-joke, constantly reminds them of their own mortality even on the best of days.

It is from this throne that King Eodred Arabasti II has fallen, and this throne from which Queen Ileosa Arabasti now reigns. Many in the city seem eager to make Ileosa’s reign a short and brutal one…

Curse of the Crimson Throne

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